Imagination becomes reality

People who bring
into their
daily lives


Work efficiently, live joyfully! Everyone at IBR is free to enjoy all
the benefits and focus on the outcomes that come with them

  • Hwachunok Cheongdam

    30% Off

  • Lapalais Cheongdam

    20% Off

  • Gym Cheongdam

    Free PT twice a week per person

  • Employee Mall

    Annual points, 50% off,
    Annual / Semi-Annual Leave

  • Free to use

    Leave at 1:00 when using a van

  • Pantry

    Offer a variety of beverages and snacks

  • Support for modern PCs

    Dual Monitor

  • Laptop support

    Support for external meetings

  • Overtime meal /

    Introducing KakaoT Business

  • Health screening support

    Basic health checkups and discounts at partner hospitals
    (Gangnam Ji-in Hospital / Songdo Surgery)

  • Tribute support

    Marriage of self / children,
    Congratulatory money for
    the birth of a child Parent /
    parent-in-law / child / sibling
    sales Condolence payments,
    condolence / flower support

  • Birthday

    Birthday gifts (gift certificates),
    working the morning of your birthday

  • Holiday gifts

    Paying holiday gifts

  • Leave early

    Last day of December